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the tsarnaev brothers poeshgs traced their roots. susan candiotti. i want to talk about the russian angle to the bombing investigations. in the past few hours we learned that the russian government had their suspicions about the tsarnaev family. what's that about?i
. we want to now go to susan candiotti. cnn's own susan candiotti who can hopefully shed some light on the activity. you told us earlier this evening that the fbi was trying to determine whether or not there was any relation to the activities on the campus of m.i.t. the police officer shot there. and the individual, one individual as far as we know and we believe a second individual is being pursued in watertown not far from cambridge. the fbi trying to determine if there is any relationship with those individuals and that activity with what happened earlier this week just a couple blocks from where i'm standing. what are you hearing, susan? >> hey guys. >> okay. we lost susan candiotti. i'm going to -- she's back, okay. susan candiotti, can you hear me? okay. susan candiotti not there. let's go back to gabe. gabe, there were reports earlier that a second individual had been apprehended. can you shed some light on that? you also said that a police officer told you to presume that that second individual was not apprehended. explain exactly what happened there. >> right. it's a little
in our location here in boston. yes, a new statement. susan candiotti spoke to somebody with the fbi, martin feely, a spokesman for the fbi who says that the fbi is engaged with our partners, trying to determine if there is a connection to the events this evening on the campus of m.i.t. and watertown. we also hear on the police scanner that there's possible -- possibly more criminal activities going on in watertown this evening. although that's just the news from the scanner. we have not verified that independently on our own. but that is the -- that is the status right now with the fbi. they are trying to determine whether or not there is a connection as we all are, trying to determine whether or not there is a connection. i want to go, if i can, to drew griffin for a second to tell us what he's seeing from his vantage point. there are reports that six fbi agents, if not more, have reported to the scene in watertown. there are also reports there might be other criminal activities going on in watertown this evening. drew, what are you seeing from your vantage point? >> that view is o
candiotti was right there. susan? >> alison, the nra 500 at the texas motor speedway about politics or pure sport? for some, the answer is up for grabs. it's race day and the action is heating up. along with a cookout grill, as fans get revved up for the big event. the nra a 500. but the race and the national race and rifle association have chris murphy worked up. >> nascar and fox should have been more sensitive to the families and the community of newtown and stayed out of this debate. >> reporter: he is upset nascar signed off on the nra sponsorship negotiated by the texas motor speedway, especially now, when gun control legislation is about to be debated. >> they could have found another sponsor for this race. they could have waited until after the debate to have the nra sponsor a race. just really poor timing. >> reporter: nascar says the nra began brokering the deal with the speedway before the newtown shootings. after 26 children and teachers were killed, nascar donated money to newtown. and at the daytona 500 in february, race car driver michael waltrip won praise for painting his n
been intubated and right now cannot talk. susan candiotti is standing outside the hospital. what do we know about his condition this morning? >> hi, john, good morning to you. because officials tell us he has these throat injuries and because of what you mentioned as well, that means he simply can't talk to investigators, even if they wanted to. or even if he wanted to. so now they have to sit and wait to see if his medical condition improves and if so, when that will be. this is a concern for vergs because they are trying to find out as much information as they can get about what he and his brother were up to, how long they had been planning it and this is how the governor weighs in on that. >> i think all of the law enforcement professionals are hoping for a host of reasons that the suspect survives because we have a million questions and those questions need to be answered. >> in the meantime, prosecutors are working on putting together their terrorism case against him. it's possible they might have charges ready today, but there's certainly no hurry to get him into court obviously
don't count detroit. ( laughter ) it is-- it is unprecedented, folks. cnn's susan candiotti 7, i think, capturedly the feeling best. >> the streets are empty. it's ear. it's as though a bomb had dropped somewhere. ( laughter ) >> stephen: well said. that's cnn susan candiotti reporting live from no-(bleep)ylvania. ( laughter ) ( applause ) they finally caught white hat guy hiding in a boat, and he's been formally charged. the question is how should the united states respond to this act of terror? where should we strike back? well, let's review what we know. they are muslims. they are brothers. which makes them the muslim brotherhood. ( laughter ). that means egypt. ( laughter ) then again, they are from chechnya, a federal republic of the russian federation located in the caucasuses mountains, which makes these terrorists caucasians. ( laughter ). so be on the lookout for caucasian males with dark hair and anger issue, and i believe we have a computer composite. ( laughter ) yes. ( applause ) that is the face of evil! ( laughter ) now, so many people out there confuse chesh 93 with th
feyerick and susan candiotti. he has wounds to his throat. and this is very, very important. he is intubated and sedated. what that means is he has a tube going down his throat that's attached to a ventilator that breathes for him. often doctors will intubate someone and put them on a ventilator to take the strain away if a machine breathes for them. this explains why governor deval patrick says he can't communicate right now. elizabeth, give us an update on the bombing survivors. how many are still in the hospital at this point? >> there are at least 57 bombing survivors still in area hospitals, two in critical condition. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. we appreciate your reporting. we want to go back now to watertown. cnn's susan candiotti, it's still an active crime scene. how long will investigators be there and what are they doing? >> reporter: it's certainly what a lot of people around here would like to know. they're taking of time and there's no rush here. they want to carefully go over every inch of that boat that you saw. and to make sure that they're not miss
obama promising the nation we will get to the bottom of this. susan candiotti this morning on the first steps that are underway in this growing, very large investigation. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning, john. yes, there are a lot of active leads to follow up on, many, many witnesses to talk with. remember, they've got all kinds of surveillance video that they've collected from buildings right around where those explosions went off, that they will be closely examining for any clues, not to mention cell phone videos that they are surely collecting from all kinds of people who were taking videos, not only after the incident occurred but, of course, might have had photographs or videos before the explosions and the blasts went off. they'll be looking for any clues and suspicious activities before that. they're examining not only the exploded devices for more information but also the unexploded devices to try to learn more about this. this investigation is being led by the fbi working with the boston police department. of course, help from other agencies including the bureau
details from my colleagues. also what we've learned from susan candiotti. what we've learned is he's had wounds to his throat and also, this is very, very important, it's intubated and sedated. somewhat that means is he has a tube going down his throat that's attached to a ventlator that breathes for him. that doesn't mean he can't believe on his own. often doctors will put them on a ventilator because it takes the strain away. as you said earlier, this explains why the governor has said that he can't communicate right now, injuries to the throat, sedated and intubated. don? >> elizabeth, give us an update on the bombing survivors. how many are still in the hospital at this point? >> reporter: there are at least 57 bombing survivors still in hospitals around the boston area. two in critical condition. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. we appreciate your reporting. we want to go back now to watertown and cnn's susan candiotti. susan, that street is still an active crime scene. how long will investigators be there and what are they doing? >> certainly what a lot of people around her
of the parents of tamerlan and jo hard as well. >> susan candiotti getting that information. i'm going to talk to you why you're in devens massachusetts. you're at the prison facility now. one question to tom. rush chan interintercepted the communication with the mother. in the simplest terms, what does this mean for the investigation? duds it mean anything? it appears that the family was on some sort of watch list, especially the older brother. the mother had been questioned. she had some charges against her in massachusetts. so now they intercepted her possibly talk talking to her son about jihad. is this incriminating for the younger brother who is now at the facility where susan is. >> we're not sure which brother had the conversation with the mother. but i think the key point here is that the russians are wiretapping the mother. why is that? so that would have been helpful to know if they have a reason to believe she is involved in jihad, maybe she is helping her son get radicalized. we're looking for outsiders of outside of the family because she's been saying in an interview what an ang
given the miranda rights. now he is shuting down and susan candiotti is in massachusetts where dzhokhar is being held. what are you hearing about the unwillingness now to talk to investigators? >> reporter: well, here'shat we're hearing, don. we are hearing from -- this is coming to us from a u.s. law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation with whom i've been in touch with from the very beginning and is this. he has been talking, he had been talking quite a lot before he was read his rights. before he was mirandized and received a lot of helpful information, a lot of information and tips and leads to work with. since he was read his rights, however, he hasn't said anything substanti substantive. according to the source, they have a lot to work with and by reading the rights after he was formally charged, it is not according to this official hindering their investigation, don. >> for the laptop, suzanne, that is just wrapped up. what led authorities to believe his computer was dumped and do we know if they found anything on it? >> reporter: well, according to my source,
container, it's still unclear if it was a pressure cooker as well. national correspondent susan candiotti is live in boston as well this morning with more on the investigation. susan, good morning. what are you learning? >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about pressure cookers. these are pots that you would cook in. that's what we're talking about here when we talk about the people who responsible, one or more than one for putting together a homemade bomb. you can't look at these things often enough to see the hard work these investigators are doing trying to track down who is involved in this terrorist attack. we can see parts of the metal container, twisted bits and pieces of metal and also seeing nails. also seeing, as you said, parts of what appears to be a circuit board, also a timing device. as well, there is a nylon bag into which this metal container or containers were placed. they believe they probably used a nylon bag, a backpack or some other type of bag in which these were placed then put on the ground to try to do maximum damage. these items that were put inside are p
's unable to speak. and as susan candiotti explains, tsarnaev remains under heavy guard. >> reporter: even if suspect dzhokar tsarnaev wanted to co-operate with the fbi, he couldn't. sources tell cnn because of injuries to his throat, the 19 year old suspected terrorist bomber cannot talk yet. he's intubated and sedated. >> all the law enforcement professionals are hoping for a host of reasons that the suspect survives because we have a million questions. those questions need to be answered. >> reporter: in this photograph taken right after his arrest, the college student's neck area appears covered with blood. the younger brother's escape was busted when a man found him hiding in his backyard boat. a series of thermal images taken by a state police helicopter shows a white image of an object projecting heat. in another still photo, you can make out the suspect's feet in black lying in the boat. a robotic arm moves in and lifts the tarp. watertown police chief told cnn's wolf blitzer about those dramatic moments. >> "we could tell he was alive and moving and began negotiations that way and
. >>> we begin with susan candiotti, who has late details on the investigation. susan, what do you know? what led investigators first to this landfill? >> well, this information is coming to us from a u.s. law enforcement official who is very close to the boston investigation and someone with whom i've been talking with throughout. this source tells us that the leads to search the landfill for that laptop computer came not only from the suspect himself, the young man who is now hospitalized, but others who, according to this official, may have had knowledge of its whereabouts or may even have played a role in ditching it, getting rid of it, after the bombing. now, the source says there is also evidence that leads investigators to think that the elder brother, tamerlan, may have been involved in drug dealing. the source would not elaborate on the nature of the evidence. we've already been talking about the fact that they have been looking into whether he may have supported himself through drug dealing. but of course, if they can find that laptop, anderson, in this landfill after it had b
. there are two reporters in watertown now. if we have, want to get the latest from them. susan candiotti, update our viewers right now on what's going on. it looks like potentially a critical moment. here we're getting reaction as well. >> exactly. now we -- i did not hear any gun shots from this perspective. i heard people hooting and hollering a little while ago. and then you started to see, again, about three or four police vans come here in a series of police vehicles with lights going. in fact, the back door in one of the vans was flipping wide open. there were police officers inside that vehicle. it took off the street. so talk about a sense of urgency. i would say ten minutes before that, we started to see a series of helicopters. whether thats with related to this, i don't know. but we saw one flying rather low in an area over here and certainly the vehicles have been going off in that direction. but i attempted to find out from the officers here what was going on. i'm not surprised. i didn't get a response only to get back and stay in this area. so we'll continue to monitor and try to f
is an important part of this alleged plot investigation. >> a very important part. our susan candiotti there. we know that after boston the tsarnaev brothers also planned to attack new york, according to investigators. so far dzhokhar tsarnaev says they worked alone but that may not be true. congressson mike rodgers is chairman of the house intelligence committee said this to "the boston herald" there are clearly more persons of interest and they're not 100% sure if there aren't other explosives. rogers also had critical words about the decision to mirandize the bombing suspect when it happened next to his hospital bed, dzhokhar tsarnaev, this is several days after his capture. athena jones joining us from washington this morning. good morning. talk to me about what more we know about that decision to read those miranda rights to dzhokhar tsarnaev when that happened. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. well we know that congressman rogers certainly wants to know more about the decision leading up to those rights being read because we know the suspect has become a lot less talkative after hearing t
. congratulations that it's all over. >> you're quite welcome. thank you. >> we return to susan candiotti. susan, you're on the ground there. the mood seems to be one of great relief and celebration. >> oh, it's jubilation here. what a sea change in attitude here. earlier in this day, it was like a ghost town. it was an eerie feeling, very surreal, and now as soon as word came that the suspect was in custody, cheers erupted and they're still cheering. hear it now. every time they see a police car going by, you hear the reaction. it's cheers, it's smiles. they're loving this, every time an ambulance was going by and they're going back, you could see the police officers also shaking hands with each other. as soon as we got word that the suspect had been captured. and now, applause all the way around. every time they see a police officer go by, that must be a very good feeling for them that they were successful in bringing this suspect into custody. piers? >> let me go to drew griffin. he's about a block away from you. drew, the mood there i would imagine is also one of great relief. >> total, tota
and the investigation. our national correspondent susan candiotti is joining us. update our viewers here in the united states and around the world, susan, on what we know right now. >> reporter: well, certainly, wolf. the investigation and the search for what happened to the young man we've been calling suspect number two, the younger tsarnaev, has not ended by any stretch of the imagination. they've been working ever since the violence began last night, ever since the manhunt began. after a police officer on the campus of m.i.t. university was shot and killed. that's when the chase began. what followed that was a carjacking. they caught up with the young man with two young men. they gave chase, the police gave chase. then someone else was hurt along the way. eventually the scene wound up here in watertown, connecticut. as you indicated, at the beginning of the broadcast, they have recovered a large number, significant number is what they're calling it, of home made explosives. they've been doing searches all day trying to find the second suspect, the first -- the older of the two brothers was killed.
this terrorist attack. brooke? >> susan candiotti, thank you. they're looking for the public's help, but also the insignia, the pieces that says 6l on this container, which stands for 6 liter, figuring out who makes this brand and where it could have been bought. coming up, we will talk to robert mcfadden about the security issues here surrounding this particular sort of device. he's a senior official with the ncis, the naval criminal investigative service. >> many developments to tell you about. this morning we're learning more about those who lost their lives in this tragic event. 2,000 people turned out last night for a candlelight vigil paying tribute to one of the youngest victims. pamela brown is here with that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. an outpouring of support for the family of martin richard last night. one of the many ways boston is coming together to show their respect and honor the victims of monday's tragedy as the city tries to pick up the pieces. >> reporter: an outpouring of raw emotion from a community struck by grief. friends and family of 8-
complex. this is according to cnn's susan candiotti. local and state police, as well as firefighters, came in here yesterday, starting at around 5:00 p.m. again, here for eight hours. in an apartment on the fifth floor, we are told. we saw authorities bringing out boxes from that apartment. at one point, a state police officer brought in what looked like some sort of equipment, but right now authorities telling us that at this point, that no arrests have been made, that no one is in custody. we did speak to residents here at this apartment complex. they tell us that all they could really say was that there was just a lot of authorities here yesterday. that it's a bit of a scary situation for them to imagine that there might be a person of interest that was living here at this apartment complex. according to reports, the person that lived in the apartment that authorities were searching is a man of saudi descent who is here on a student visa. of course working to confirm all of this information with authorities. >> all right, pamela. thank you very much. certainly what may look like madness
susan candiotti is at the hospital where the suspect is recovering. chris is at u. mass where the suspect went to school and nick paton-walsh. before we get to susan, we want to show you incredible video from the night dzhokhar tsarnaev was captured. these are thermal images. you can see dzhokhar is the dark images there. those are amazing pictures. then you'll see what appears to be a dark blast. >> that is what one of the flash bangs used to startle the suspect, that's just moments before the teenager was actually taken into custody and into the hospital after suffering massive blood loss after a shootout with police. susan candiotti is going to join us live now. what do you know about his condition, susan? >> good morning, zoraida, because of those injuries to his throat investigators are unable to speak with him at the present time because he can't talk. but they'd like to because they have so many questions to find out. they figure he has a lot of secrets to tell them. even if suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev wanted to cooperate with the fbi, he couldn't. sources tell cnn becaus
about the device or one of the devices we understand. susan candiotti in new york on the line. what have you been hearing, susan? >> reporter: michael a federal law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation is telling us that investigators now believe that one of the bombs appears to have been placed inside a metal pressure cooker that was hidden inside a backpack. so inside a metal pressure cooker, hidden inside a backpack. this, again, has to do with what at least one of the bombs that was found. you'll remember that we have been reporting that law enforcement authorities had issued a bulletin to other investigators to be on the lookout for someone who might have been carrying a black backpack in the area of the explosions right before they occurred. so this might go hand in hand with that. we also heard governor deval patrick of massachusetts announce not long ago that there were two bombs and two bombs only. he went on to say that another device that had been found or a suspicious package, rather, that had been found, was blown up as a precautionary measure. so he said
quite a day, as my colleagues, john king and susan candiotti, drew griffin know. start with drew at the hotel ballroom, just upstairs from us where the fbi has again delayed a press briefing. drew, all day no press briefing. was supposed to be this afternoon at 5:00, kept getting pushed back and then they said 8:00. and now we're being told likely not going to happen tonight. do we know why? >> reporter: we know absolutely nothing. we've been waiting all day for this, as you said. and just a few minutes ago, steve mcdonald with the boston fire department came out and announced that there will be no press conference here. that they're vacating this hotel, and he had no idea when the next news conference will be. he was just the messenger. he had no explanation as to what was going on or why or why there wasn't going to be any kind of news conference at all. so we're just kind of left with speculating on what that means. are they so close they don't need the public's help? are they too far away they don't have the information they want the to give to the public? anderson, we just d
. >> reporter: that's right. a source tells law enforcement source tells susan candiotti that according to the video surveillance, the two suspects stayed at the scene of the crime. they stayed and watched the crowd, they made sure the bombs went off, and then they walked away casually. this is one of the things that may have been of interest to law enforcement when they figured out who in fact they were looking for, is the behavior of these individuals as they walked away from the crowd. the law enforcement source also says that there is another video of one of the suspects leaving his bag at the scene, but that video has not been released, and this source says that's because they feared what might happen to that suspect if anybody were to come in contact with him. i don't personally understand that explanation entirely, but that's the reason that this law enforcement source said, that that video was not released. in any case, the bigger point here is that these two individuals, their behavior was they stuck around, they watched, they wanted to make sure that the bombs went off and the
in a hospital right now. our susan candiotti is covering every angle of the investigation. susan? >> hi, john. when you think back of how quickly things have come together, one thing that comes to mind is this. how modern technology really helped investigators at every step along the way during the manhunt. we had the isolation of the still photographs of the two suspects that they issued to the public, issued to the world. and then, of course, we learned this. how after that carjacking on friday night and the alleged victim left behind a cell phone, that was in the car, that is how investigators were able to follow the ping of the cell phone in order to locate the two suspects in watertown. but right now all eyes are on the remaining suspect who is still alive dzhokhar tsarnaev. as investigators try to find out what secrets he holds. even if suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev wanted to cooperate with the fbi, he couldn't. sources tell cnn because of injuries to his throat the 19-year-old suspected bomb r can't talk yet. he's intubated and sedated. >> all the law enforcement professionals are hoping f
abandoning plans to come to the u.s., saying his trip is delayed indefinitely. susan candiotti, live in massachusetts where dzhokhar tsarnaev is being held now. susan, what is happening with the boat that dzhokhar used as his backyard hideout during the manhunt? >> reporter: hi, don. you and i were talking about this one week ago tonight. at that time, the fbi was still working on collecting evidence from that boat. now we understand as of yesterday that work was completed. imagine they were working on it all that time, collecting evidence. now it has been moved to a storage facility with other evidence that may be used at trial, don. >> so susan, he is in the prison medical center. what do you know about his condition and reports he is now unwilling to communicate with authorities? >> reporter: they're not saying much of anything this day, only confirming that he's there. we did learn in the last 24 hours the degree of the kind of security he has. he is being held with about 30 other inmates in a special area of the medical center, reserved for those who need higher security. beyond
candiotti and joe johns in washington. both have been working their sources. susan, you got new information about the behavior of the suspects. what is it? >> reporter: that's right, anderson. as chilling this is to watch the video moments before the bombing and to see these two suspects walking down the sidewalk but we're wondering about when it happened and afterwards. a federal law enforcement told me and shared this information with me and he said they acted differently than anyone else. they stood and they watched and after it happened he said they casually walked away. it's almost unfathomable when that happened, when all of the other people were running around and attending to casualties, these people just turn around and casually walked away. anderson? >> and a lot of attention is being paid to what the suspects are wearing in both images. both are wearing baseball caps, certainly not unusual in boston. what are you hearing about that? >> reporter: that's right. these baseball caps -- look, we're all staring at them time and again. we want to see more of them. those are amazingly cl
candiotti on the very first steps of the investigation. good morning, susan. what are you hearing? >> hi, john. they certainly haven't stopped since all this started. they're working around the clock actively as you indicated earlier, a lot of things to pursue. they're talking to witnesses and some of those witnesses are even those who have been hospitalized after this event. now no one is being called a suspect at this time. we do understand that one of the people they're speaking with according to sources is someone described as a saudi national whose one of his legs was wounded. that person is under guard at the hospital now. again, there is a large police presence at the hospital. we're told not to read anything special into this. and we are also learning about that one injured person that they are not saying that he is involved. we do know that the injury, of course, was a result of the investigation. also, we know, as you indicated, that boston commissioners calling this a cowardly act and the fbi is leading this investigation. >> this cowardly act will not be taken in stride. we w
connecticut senator is asking fox sports not to broadcast it. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti is at the texas motor speedway in ft. worth. i can imagine there's mixed reaction to this, right? >> reporter: shaure. this is a hugely popular event for racing fans. a lot of people here already camping out and they expect at least 200,000 people physically here to attend this event. the fact is there are questions swirling about around the nra's sponsorship of this event and negotiated by the texas motor speedway here and sanctioned by and approved by nascar. it comes down to as you said timing because of the timing of this race given the gun control debate that's going on right now on capitol hill. senator chris murphy of connecticut is someone who is saying that maybe it's just inappropriate to be holding this nra race at this time at least a race called the nra. thinks that maybe nascar could have intervened to postpone it perhaps and that fox perhaps wouldn't broadcast it. here's what he said. >> it gives the impression that fox and nascar are endorsing the nra's position. i kno
about how the plot may have come together. >> it would be absolutely critical. susan candiotti reporting there. >>> some people say they will think about twice about running in a marathon again, and one lady getting ready to run tomorrow. she was a mile away from the finish line when the bombs went off. those watching her were terrified like everybody. tomorrow they will run in the oklahoma city marathon with thousands of people. after the bombings marathon officials offered to let boston marathon runners to compete for free to cross the finish line. and the security will be tight, and the bomb squad will sweep the area before the race. some people running in honor of the victims. i am so happy to be joined via skype. right before you take off to head to oklahoma to run in the marathon, thank you so much for joining us. tell me why this is so important for you to run the marathon and finish the race? >> well, first, i say the same thing, like i am never going to boston again. but after thinking over and i say, well, i will continue to run and that's the past, you know, and i always have
, s let's head to massachusetts and susan candiotti. bring us up to date. >> hi, carol. well, this wire tap we have been hearing about since yesterday, a wire tap done by the russians back in 2011, raises so many questions. a source tells us that this conversation took place between the mother and one of the bombing suspects, that appears to be the case. a communication of some kind. the questions that it raises include these, why were the russians wire tapping the mother? what were the details of that conversation? for how long were they wire tapping the mother? we know that back in 2011, our fbi sources have told us that in fact they wer asked by the russians for help in looking at tamerlan, the older brother of the two bombing suspects. but they said that the russians were very nonspecific about why they wanted them to look at him. other than he might be involved in some kind of activities but the fbi said we did look at him. we interviewed him. we talked to other individuals, relatives, family, and we went back to them and said, give us more, give us more, give us more on
, all angles of the investigation "outfront" in boston. susan candiotti and brian todd on the investigation. in rhode island, erin mcpipe with the newe estimatioest info his widow. first, to susan candiotti in boston. another potential breakthrough for ininvestigatorininvestigato. tonight, you have new information about specific evidence in the case. >> that's right. we're learni ining about a new that at least one fingerprint has been found on one of those bombs that was used during the boston marathon. now, at last word, there is no information about to whom that belongs, but of course, this could be a key piece of evidence for investigators as they put together their case. also at last check, we don't have any word as to whether there's been a match about that female dna that was also found on a part of one of the pressure cooker bombs. still looking into that as well, but that of course is another important piece of evidence, erin. >> and going to be crucial as we're awaiting that dna evidence to come back. i also know there has been talk about whether there's any p
they figured if they had him rest, that they would maybe flush him out on their own. >> susan candiotti is standing by, on the street where -- susan, are you where the initial exchange of gunfire took place in the early morning hours yesterday in watertown? where are you exactly? >> in that immediate area, yes. but right now, we're in the spot where as soon as david fitzpatrick heard those shots, the gunfire, at this spot which is another staging area, we saw all kinds of police activity pick up. there was almost a roar of people listening to what was going on. you could see something was up. i will never forget this sight, at that time a number of squad cars came through as well as police vans and s.w.a.t. teams, and one of them had the back doors literally flying open and you could see inside the s.w.a.t. team members hanging on it seemed for dear life and all of them went sailing up there. since then, things have gotten much more quiet here. we're far enough away that we cannot hear those flash-bangs or the gunfire, but they have had an ambulance standing by here, they have bomb squa
's now just feeling the sense of moving on and being here together. susan candiotti has seen the pictures of the two men. she joins us now. susan, what do these images show to your eye? >> well, very interesting because, of course, they're standing in a huge crowd of people. and you've got two men who are standing there as described to us also by investigators, the reason they're interested is because it's near the finish line around where all those flags are that you've been seeing time and again right near the finish line. and what's pieeking the interes among other things is that they're carrying bags with them. one of them is a dark colored backpack and another one appears to be a duffel bag. the reason h is significant, of course, is we've been hear for a few days now from our investigative sources that they are -- have an interest in looking at a black nylon backpack or bag of some kind because they found remnants of those. we've seen those in the evidence scene photograph, crime scene photographs, chris. >> all right. susan candiotti for us live here in boston right now where this
and points clearly to a name. i wants to bring in susan candiotti, who has new information from a source about the behavior of the suspects. what have you learned? >> that's right. this is a federal law enforcement official who has seen the videos and this official tells me that after the two are seen on videos planting the bombs, that they don't run away, they casually walk away, apparently to avoid drawing attention to themselves. according to this official who told me this information because with the belief it would not hinder the investigation in any way, anderson, stated that when the bombs blew up, when most people were running away or lying in the street injured, these two individuals did not leave. they stuck around to watch. then in the words of the official who has seen the videos, they casually walked away. now, this is information coming after these videos have been watched by various officials and of course, they're still working on this investigation. and we also can tell you now that of course, nonstop investigators continue to trace phone calls, cell phone calls that wer
verbally. he's in the intensive care unit of beth israel hospital here. our susan candiotti citing a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case saying dzhokhar tsarnaev was shot in the side of the neck. unclear whether that came during friday night's takedown of him when he was captured or shootout he and his brother had thursday night into friday morning with police in the streets of watertown. right now no charges were filed today. we heard rumblings there may be charges filed today. ended up not being the case, don. maybe in the next couple of days. >> all right. let's talk about the bombs. you have learned something new, something about where they came from, brian. >> reporter: that's right. our susan candiotti citing a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation says the current thinking right now, don, is the two suspects bought the bomb components locally. somewhere here in the boston area. but that they got the guns from somewhere else. this official emphasizing that the gun traces are under way right now. and so that part of the investigation is continu
. there are some new developments. let's head to massachusetts and susan candiotti. bring us up to date. >> reporter: hi carol. i'm outside the federal medical facility where the suspect is being held at this time. as we are, we can tell you this -- questions continue to swirl around the russians' wiretapping the mother of the bombing suspects. sources with knowledge of the investigation tell cnn that the russians were eavesdropping on the mother of the suspects in this case in early 2011 including a phone call from one of the brothers to the mother who was in russia at the time. however, we don't know the specifics of that phone call. we are told accor sources that the subject was jihad but it was very vague. so were they talking about a religious struggle were they talking about specifics of an attack woe don't know nor do we know carol, why the russians were wiretapping the mother at that time. and what other details might they have had. and for how long were they wiretapping, which brings us another point -- why did the russians wait until just a few days a
official with knowledge of the investigation told our susan candiotti earlier that he had been shot in the neck. it is not clear if that gunshot wound came in the thursday night to friday morning shootout he was involved in with his brother or during the friday evening takedown when he was finally captured, but those are some of the reasons that maybe they could not level charges against him, formal charges against him tonight. that could come in the coming days, don. >> so talk about the bombs, brian. you've learned something about where they came from? >>. >> reporter: that's right. our susan candiotti has spoken with a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation. he says the thinking now is the bomb components were bought by the suspects locally, somewhere here in the boston area. that, of course, is going to be the subject of an intense part of this investigation, where they got the bomb components, how they put together the bombs allegedly and just kind of tracing all the roots of that back to the sources, and now they believe those sources are probably here in the
. first, susan candiotti joins us with the breaking news. >> we've learned from a federal law enforcement official who's regularly briefed on the investigation. that images of two men -- there are two photographs we're tacking about here, are being circulated among law enforcement agencies around the country. and those law enforcement officers are asked to be on the lookout for these people, because they are possible suspects and of high interest. the reason we're being told that there's a high interest in these people is because of the timing of where they were right near the finish line before the blast went off. and also, because of what they have with them, what they are carrying. in this case, at least one of them is carrying what appears to be a dark colored backpack. and they have also circulated a memo, so to speak, among the agencies and describes it this way. the attached photos are being circulated in an attempt to identify the individuals, highlighted therein. feel free to pass this around to any of your fellow agents elsewhere. we know also that authorities do not yet know th
the national rifle association naming rights to the race. our susan candiotti is live in ft. worth, texas, for the running of the nra 500. how much does this issue resonate with those coming to the race, drivers, people watching? >> reporter: certainly the people who are attending this race and there will be a few hundred thousand of them coming here this day. they are now trickling in. the race doesn't happen until tonight. this is a hugely popular event. people come here literally from all over the country who follow stock car racing to watch this nra race that is being sponsored by them and is being held here by the texas motor speedway. it's the texas motor speedway that negotiated the nra to sponsor this race. and of course it's sanctioned by nascar. for the most part here, people here are just huge racing fans. they don't care about the politics of it. they don't care that the nra is sponsoring this. they just want to see their favorite race car drivers. >> they could have found another sponsor for this race. they could have waited until after the debate to have the nra sponsor a ra
are going to find out if he is talking. first we're going to go candiotti. susan is in the area. police and fbi are still on the scene where you are. what are they looking for now. >> reporter: they're looking for evidence to build their case, anything that could help. any explosives residue to prove that he was helping to build homemade bombs. they're looking for any evidence that he might have fired a gub. they're looking for blood evidence. all thing they can use as they try to build their case against him and they've been at it all day long. burr the other thing we're learning is they're of course collecting a lot of this from the boat. you talked about those amazing photographs that we now have, the thermal images photographs taken of the boat in which he was hiding. as special equipment was brought in by police helicopter by the massachusetts state police. on it you can see pictures in white and that shows the heat of someone's body. then when they flip the image in dark, you can even see his feet. and in still others you see a robot that was brought in to pick off that tarp that
have been distributed to federal and state agencies. our susan candiotti is all over this story. she joins us with the latest. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning, john. and right off the start here we want to tell you that any video you see now while i'm talking or any still images are not the ones that i'm about to tell you more about. again, we have this from a federal law enforcement official who tells us of this high interest in two people the official describing as possible suspects. trying to locate these people because of where they were near the finish line before the blast of the boston marathon. and also they have an interest in them because of what they were carrying, which appear to be two dark-colored backpacks in which, as we know from investigators, they've been saying early on that from the evidence crime scene photos that they believe that the bomb may have been placed inside a metal container, a pressure cooker, and that in turn was placed inside a black nylon bag or b k backpacks. so they're looking for these men, to locate them. my sources tell me the
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